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Flanged end globe valve with short face-to-face length to EN 558/14, slanted seat, bonnetless, EPDM coated throttling valve plug, soft main and back seat, position indicator, locking device, travel stop, insulating cap with anti-condensation feature; maintenance-free, full insulation possible. 

Hot water heating systems up to 120 °C. Air-conditioning systems. Not suitable for fluids containing mineral oils, steam or fluids liable to attack EPDM and cast iron. Other fluids on request. 

Overview of technical data
Maximum temperature 120 °C
DN max. 200
Body/bonnet seal element None ( single-piece body)
Handwheel movememt Non- rising
Minimum temperature 10- °C
DN min. 15
Valve disc/plug material Soft seat
eClass assignment 00000001; 37010201
Body material (EN standard) JL 1040
Threaded-end design Flange design
Stem sealing Profile joint
Body design Straight pattern body
Body material Cast iron
Actuator options available ex works electrical actuator similar to BOA- CVE SuperCompact
PN max. 16
Dimension standard EN 558- 1/14 ISO 5752/14
Main applications Building services; Industry and process engineering