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Hmax               100,00 m
Qmax               340 m³/h
Easy-to-service annular casing pump, close-coupled design with standardized motor, all wetted pump parts made of stainless steel, suitability for handling foodstuffs certified by TNO according to EHEDG requirements (TNO G96-143 certificate). 
Hygienic handling of fluids in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries as well as in the chemical industry.
Overview of technical data
Type of impeller 00; Open;Multi-vane impeller
Type of installation 2
Impeller material (EN standard) 1. 4409 ( AISI CF3M)
Type of bearing 3
Drive frequency 3
Maximum speed of rotation 3. 500 1/min
Maximum flow rate 340 m³/h
Maximum discharge-side pressure 12 bar
Suitable for drinking water Yes
Casing material (EN standard) 1. 4404;1.4571
No. of impeller entries 1
Minimum flow rate 1 m³/h
Suction characteristics 1
Drive voltage Low voltage
eClass assignment 36410100; 36410000;36410101
Pull-out design Yes
Pump set location Dry installed
Max. permissible fluid temperature 110 °C
UNSPSC classification 4015150300
Main applications Water; Industry and process engineering
Type of installation Stationary
Type of casing 2
Type of connection Screw- ended, flange
Type of lubrication 5
Type of drive Electric motor
Installation position 1
Shaft material (EN standard) 1. 4571
Type of coupling Direct
Shaft seal type Mechanical seal
Maximum head 100, 00 m
Maximum rated pressure (discharge) 12 BAR
Minimum head 1, 00 m
Nozzle position 1
Casing partition 1
Guaranteed to be silicon-free Yes