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Wafer-type knife gate valve made of grey cast iron, single or two-piece body, bi-directional, with gland packing, non-rising stem, corrosion protected by epoxy coating. 

In industrial plants, waste water and process engineering, food industry. For water, waste water and solids-laded fluids. Other fluids on request.

Overview of technical data
Actuator options available ex works Electric actuator to customer' s choice;Pneumatic actuator to customer's choice
Body design Body with threaded pocket holes
Dimension standard EN 558- 1/20 ( EHEMALS K1)
Handwheel movememt Non- rising
Valve disc/plug material Soft seat
Threaded-end design Wafer- type design
Stem sealing Gland packing
Body material (EN standard) JL 1040
DN max. 1200
DN min. 50
Main applications Industry and process engineering; Waste water / sewage
Body material Cast iron
PN max. 10
Maximum temperature 120 °C
Minimum temperature 10- °C
Actuator position feedback No
Body/bonnet seal element None ( single-piece body)